Gender Determination & Sexing Scans

Book a Gender Scan now Scan time:15 minutes
Ideal time:16 - 27 weeks

A 15-minute scan, largely in 2D to determine the gender of your baby, if time allows then there will be an opportunity to take a sneek peak at baby in 3D. Includes Gender Wristband and Gender Reveal Scratchcard as standard

Now you have your 12 hospital scan out of the way the next most exciting thing is finding out the gender of your baby. Do you wait and keep it a surprise on your due date or are you impatient like me? How will you share your news? A picture of pink booties on the door mat? Blue sponge cake decorated with white icing? How ever you decide here at Your Baby Scan we can tell the sex of your baby from 16 weeks pregnant. 

Included in your scan is 15 minutes HD 3D/4D scan time with 2 large prints and access to all of your images on our private online locker, which means you can view your images from any smart phone, Ipad or laptop with internet access.



What if you can't tell the gender? 

If you have booked in for a gender scan and we can't see then we will re book you in for a rescan free of charge. 

What do I need to do?

You need to come along with a full bladder. We suggest drinking around 2 litres of clear fluid before you come for your scan. Bring along your loved ones.

What's the difference between 3D/4D?

3D is a still 3 dimensional view of your baby.

4D is your baby in a 3 dimensional view in full motion, so you will see your baby suck their fingers or toes, maybe give us a little smile or sometimes we get a sleepy baby who will yawn.