3D & 4D Bonding Scans

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What is a 3D/4D Bonding Scan?

A 4D Bonding Scan is a non-invasive procedure. It's not painful, and uses ultrasound similar to your 12 and 20 week NHS appointments to produce a 3D image from the information received by the ultrasound machine. The term "4D" refers to the 3D images moving in real-time, which is an amazing experience. Imagine seeing your baby, which is growing inside you, yawning or waving, moving in real-time on our large screen, in a spacious, comfortable and private scan room with your family and friends.


2D Scan

This is a traditional black and white scan as normally offered by the NHS during your dating and abnormality scans. This type of scan is used during early pregnancy such as our reassurance scans and gender scans as it is safer for the developing fetus and shows us the anatomy more clearly.

3D Scan

This is a standard 3D Scan, the image is static, and visualises the 2D image data into something more recognisable. Where baby is in an awkward position, often standard 3D images can give a more distinguishable view of your baby. 

HD iLive

All of our 3D/4D Scans include HD iLive as standard, this adds more definition to the image and a more realistic appearance with shadows visible (despite there being no light involved) which can help with bonding with your baby.

4D Scan

A 4D Scan is a 3D Scan being updated in real-time to reflect baby's movements etc. Often baby can be seen making yawning movements, smiling, or waving their hands and arms. Our 4D Scans include HD iLive as standard, which is sometimes referred to as a 5D Bonding Scan, but we feel that name is just confusing.

The procedure itself is carried out by a fully trained professional at one of our scan centres in Widnes or Crewe using the latest technology. Although we can't guarantee the position of your baby on the day, our sonographers will do their very best to get some great photos in 2D, 3D and full HD iLive for you to take away and look back at in years to come.

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Scan time:15 minutes
Ideal time:21 - 31 weeks 

An amazing experience to meet your baby in 3D/4D on our extra large screen in amazing colour and clarity, includes the following as standard:

  • HD iLive
  • 2 large prints
  • All images captured
  • Twins at no extra charge
  • Costa Coffee or Twinings Tea on arrival
  • Chilled full sugar soft drinks if baby is in the wrong position
  • Goodie Bag

If you would have suggested 15 years ago that you could see your baby's button nose or tiny fingers before they even arrived you would probably be mad! But its true, we can show you your baby in 3D/4D;.you can see if they have Daddy's nose or Mummy's chin all on our 42" wall mounted TV and you can bring around 15 friends and family to come and meet your baby too. From 21 weeks you can see your baby in full HD maybe sucking their thumb or maybe giving you a little wave. 

Included in your scan is either 15 or 30 minutes HD scan time. You will see your baby in 2D/3D/4D and get 2 large prints and, as with all of our scans, you get full access to our online locker which is fully secure with a username and password but does mean you can print them off at your leisure at home or share them on social media. 

We understand that every pregnancy is very special and exciting, whether it's your first or your fourth. Those 9 months waiting to see your baby can feel so long whilst you're not feeling your best, and you're regularly feeling your little bundle moving around inside your tummy reminding you every minute that they're on their way. 

Our 4D Bonding experience offers you the chance to meet your baby before it's born, and unlike your NHS appointment, your children, family and friends are welcome to share your experience. With first class customer service, state of the art ultrasound equipment as used in large hospitals worldwide and experienced fully trained sonographers with a clinical background, we can show you your babies button nose and wriggly fingers before they even arrive. See your baby moving in 2D, 3D, 4D and HD iLive at no extra charge, whether they're waving, blowing raspberries or sucking their thumb



What if you can't see my baby's face?

If we can't get a picture of your baby's face, we may send you back into our waiting area with a cold drink and some sweeties to get your baby moving. We suggest that if you have been traveling for a while you come early and make sure you get to have a little walk around before coming in (don't be late for your appointment). If we can't bring you back in the same day we will book you in to come back another day.

What do I need to do?

As your baby is more developed you don't need a full bladder. We do suggest you have a drink before you come into your appointment. This is sometimes good to get baby active which will improve your scan. Cold and fizzy drinks are a great help and have in the past proved to get really good images. If you have travelled a long way we suggest that you arrive slightly early to have a walk around. Also book your appointment when you know your baby is active. 

Who can I bring with me? 

We have seating space in our scan room for around 7 people plus mum, but if friends and family don't mind standing then the more the merrier. We have bean bags for little bums and a little toy area.

What's the difference between 3D/4D?

3D is a still 3-dimensional view of your baby. The probe we use omits sound waves in different directions which then builds up a 3D image of your baby.

4D is your baby in a 3-dimensional view in full motion, so you will see your baby suck their fingers or toes, maybe give us a little smile or sometimes we get a sleepy baby who will yawn.

Twins or more? Do you charge more?

No, although if you are expecting twins we suggest booking a 30 minute scan in order to get the same full scan time on each baby, this is completely optional, and we will share the scan time between each baby.